Monitoring_Applications Monitoring.jpeg

Application Monitoring

Monitor all the applications across your network. Ensure that your business is operating at the optimum your customers demand.

Monitoring_System Monitoring.jpeg

System Monitoring

Get real-time views to proactively maintain SLA's. Historical data mining and reporting capability enables efficient resource allocation and capacity planning.


Transaction Monitoring

Provides payment card industry compliant, real-time monitoring and archiving of the transaction flow information created by payment and transaction applications.

Monitoring_Email Monitoring.jpg

Email Monitoring

Track individual and multiple messages across many messaging domains using the same console.

Monitoring_Hardware Monitoring.jpeg

Hardware Monitoring

Comprehensive component information and health for supporting subsystems made available from a single graphical view.

Monitoring_Payment Monitoring.jpeg

Payment Process Monitoring

When your business depends on a solid payments environment, every second of downtime incurs significant cost.


Queue Monitoring

Extract any other required attributes such as Channel, Queue, Manager. Generate a new, fully tokenised EMS event.