Payment Processor


The diversity of payment providers is intensifying. And underlines the issues that you have in identifying when and where a payment was made. 

We track every payment made. Get real-time monitoring and archiving of the transaction flow information created by payment applications. 

Everything is covered. Get peace of mind. Systems and procedures are running risk-free. All required checks and balances taking place with Insider Technologies software. 

We restore historical transaction files from previous years from archive. Our data extract brings fast, secure access to your transaction archive. Get online and accurate metrics about the status of the ATM and POS networks systems. 

Encrypt, mask or omit your transaction and payment data to meet PCI DSS directives. All field data secured on your user roles and login credentials. 

Real-time ATM|POS transaction flow against this time yesterday, last week, last month, or last year to spot irregular reduced transaction patterns. 

ACI BASE24 and BASE24-eps. ATM|POS application. NonStop EMS subsystems. Atlas GBS. ISO 8583 card messages. NCR Authentic. LUSIS Tango. S1 Postillion. FIS. eFUNDS Connex Advantage or IST/Switch. electraSWITCH from ElectraCard Services. Clear2Pay. 

Observe and tell each member bank what the success rate of their transactions are. Optimise hardware allocation with easy identification of underperforming resources. 

All browser views are customisable and secured based on user authorisation level.