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The world's most demanding organisations need the most secure messaging platform. 

Our Message Tracking application can track individual and multiple messages across many messaging domains using the same console, subject to the appropriate data fields being made available.  

Enable faster message tracking than provided by alternative methods. 

Track email messages using X.400 and SMTP (internet) protocols. Middleware messaging systems such as WebSphere MQ are also supported. Message tracking user queries are performed against the central data store using a graphical query builder. 

Queries can be as detailed or simple as a user requires. Search details can include Sending Time, Message Identifier, Originator or Recipient address. Searches performed against a single database preset results from any number of Message Transfer Agents (MTA's). These are displayed in a single view. 

The message results view provides details of all originated messages that meet the search criteria. 

Drill-down facilities provide recipient and diagnostic information, including all events generated to facilitate delivery of message. The history pane displays the full life-cycle of a message, including information related to the MTA's through which the message has passed the reports that it has generated (i.e. Deliveries, Non Deliveries, etc) and the message ID's produced as it has passed through any email gateways, such as an X400, SMTP gateway.