Agile is used to strategise our workload and to direct our focus to the appropriate tasks. 

We have a backlog that collates all of our projects and tasks. Every three weeks that backlog is reviewed and items are prioritised - a process known as sprint planning. Each sprint starts by reviewing the items set in the previous sprint. Items that are outstanding at this point may be carried forward if this is deemed beneficial for either the client or the business. 


At the end of the sprint planning, a number of project items or STORIES will have been listed as tasks to work on throughout the next 3 week sprint. Agilefant is used to document these tasks; progress is updated against each task every 3 weeks. A working year is categorised by starting at sprint 1 and continuing through to sprint 17. 

A daily scrum is held to talk through process, share updates with our client and make any necessary adjustments. 

We employ collaborative tools such as Basecamp, Slack and Github to ensure full disclosure across the team and with the client. 

Working in this way means that we can prioritise our workload based on the customer's requirement and provide a gold standard service. 

Hope is not a strategy 

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Your market is demanding and ever-changing. You have an increased need for impartial, trusted and well founded expertise. Our IT consultancy services offers a comprehensive range of leading technical and business resources to provide both specific and customised situational analysis and advice.

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