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Imagine several MQ EMS events being issued simultaneously to your event viewer - how do you tell which is 'good' or which is 'bad'? 

The same IBM.MQ.5 event number 00005 can be issued for a variety of reasons. 

Early and current releases of IBM MQ for HPE NonStop are subject to the following information being placed in to a single text token. Error condition | Cause, Effect, Recovery | MQ Manager | MQ Channel | MQ Events. 

Our MQ Gate solution is an easy to use NonStop product, purpose built to extract the IBM MQ error number from the source event, e.g. AMQ9512.

Extract any other required attributes such as Channel, Queue, Manager. 

Generate a new, fully tokenised EMS event. 

MQ Gate utilises source attributes and generates them as discrete tokens within the new event: Event Number | MQ Manager | MQ Channel | MQ Process | Event Text | Subject Text. 

Take control of your NonStop MQ events with MQ Gate.