Our passion for innovation continues to lead us to established markets, and entering new ones.

We have perfected our skills over 25 years of real-time monitoring and high volume transaction systems experience, combining this with the latest techniques for analysing and aggregating big data, to provide the premier service for the monitoring and protection of your company's brand. 

In any network we can monitor and report on the physical and logical health, indicating hardware, software, network errors. Our services monitor interconnected infrastructure, highlighting slow processes, interfaces, volume variances, latency across a network, etc. 

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Payment Processors

Monitor ATM and POS subsystems enabling your team to offer improved customer satisfaction with early identification of network issues. 

Growth and change in the payments industry is being driven by evolving technology and customer requirement. When a problem strikes your payments environment you need to get a grip on what's happening, fast. 

Drastically reduce the time taken to isolate the cause of a problem in real-world environments, where minutes matter. 

Our simple but powerful graphical query builder allows you to look at attributes in the payment image and find what you're looking for quickly and easily. Monitor throughput rates on your payments switch and get instantly alerted to drops in the transaction volume. Not just overall volume, but volume by card type, issuer, acquirer or any other attribute of the transaction. 

Identify the root cause of the problem faster. Execute queries on all transaction data fields from stored tokens (standard & customised). 

Spot problems before your customers do with real-time comparative historical analysis of the current payment, ATM/POS transaction flow against this time yesterday, last week, last month or last year to detect irregular transaction patterns. 

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We provide tools that enable operational management to own and account for directly assessing, controlling and mitigating risk.

Defence customers demand the highest levels of trust and integrity. 

In a climate of increased security threats and rapid network and data growth, selecting the right supplier has never been more important. 

IT departments need real-time notifications of anomalies in ever-growing datasets. They need forensic analysis sometimes years after the event. They need to know what went wrong, where and why. Solutions must meet complex security and regulatory requirements, often in restricted environments.

  • System Monitoring and end-to-end Message Tracking 
  • Collection, storage and analysis of security audit logs from disparate sources: Linux Syslog, Windows Event Log, Application Log files
  • Authentication, metering and billing as part of a solution to provide deployed military personnel with satellite backed internet access
  • A bespoke billing platform for Sopra Steria, managed and operated on behalf of the UK's Ministry of Defence

Our solutions and expertise have been trusted by defence ministries and military intelligence agencies for over 20 years. Our understanding of these sophisticated, often unique requirements is the reason why the most demanding clients use our products. 





In the years since the financial crisis, banks have had to deal with challenges unlike any seen before. Throughout that time, we've been with them, improving efficiencies and enhancing performance. 

Our software monitors all aspects of retail banking authorisation system infrastructure from physical hardware, network infrastructure, transaction flow, customer behaviour, retailer activity...the list is limited only by the entities and attributes recorded, calculable, modelled or forecast within your transaction processing system . 

The same technology that tracks transactions in real-time is also rather good at locating the transactions once they've been stored. Massive amounts of data is written away every second of every day: our technology can locate, re-access and retrieve historical transaction data - FAST.

Our applications track and alert on SWIFT, SEPA, EBA and national funds transfer applications. This safeguards performance and alerting against lost, delayed, missing transactions. Get a handle on volume variances to any known 'norm', delays or latency across a network. Get a true understanding of any registered, attributable, calculable or estimate-able, entity or attribute of the system in question.

Depend on us to track trading flows and delivery against Payment instructions. Securities clearing and settlement, Central Securities Depositories, Custodians, Liquidity Management, Risk Management and Treasury. All covered. 



Fully connected monitoring solutions that provide medical professionals with the facilities they need to use healthcare data more effectively.

The challenge in the Health sector has never been bigger. A growing population, an ageing population. Putting the patient first is everyone's aim, but how do you ensure that the systems that sit behind the patient are able to cope with growing demands. 

CGI employs our monitoring applications to monitor UCLH's Carecast Patient Administration System running on HPE servers. Key hardware performance metrics - CPU, DISK, Network, Logs, File/Directory, Database, Processes - to ensure that each component of the Carecast application. Ensure that every component, infrastructure through to database files, is available and performing optimally 100% of the time. 

Reflex from Insider Technologies alerts of potential bottlenecks so the support and development teams can deal with problems before they impact users. Our monitoring brings multiple servers in to one, easy to use, powerful interface that delivers alerting, escalation, resolution and automation. 

Now get full visibility of key performance indicators with our Lighthouse mobile application. 



Solutions to enable traditional telcos to transform to agile, future-proof, competitive digital service providers. 

Downtime on telecoms networks is costly for all involved: infrastructure firms, mobile operators - and worst of all - subscribers. 

We provide optimised monitoring services that help you get ahead of the curve. Recognise the problems before they get to management. 

Reduce the risk of failures and outages with Insider Technologies' monitoring products. Simplify operations and the IT that your telecoms help desk need to ensure network stability. 

Manage key business applications, systems and services. Monitor IT infrastructure and ensure that they continue to meet their customer's Service Level Agreements. Protect traffic integrity, billing and network profitability. Active and passive monitoring give you peace of mind that the network is at it's most productive. 

A focus on technology will be integral to the products that telecoms firms sell to customers. 

Own your network like never before. 

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Emergency Services

Our monitoring platforms have long been trusted to monitor critical systems that need to be available 24x7. 

We analyse in real-time, process, conclude  and escalate - via visual dashboards, text alerts, e-mails, pager messages or alarms - anything untoward, unexpected or unusual for action by the Service. 

If a catastrophic incident occurs, our products can be relied upon to perform a site switch quickly and easily reducing any downtime to the absolute minimum. 

A command and control systems is only as good as the network it resides on. We monitor the network components from TCP/IP processes to terminal devices and automation can be used to re-start failed components without any operator intervention. 

With the volume of transactions increasing by the day, massive data stores are bing built all the time. Our technology enables the Service to migrate this data by using efficient parallel batch processing which vastly reduces the time taken by typically archiving.

Whenever a problem arises, day our night, we respond.