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Payment Tracking

Some payment tracking solutions can monitor your overall transaction for throughput rates of your ATM or POS network. But what if a single card issuer, card type or merchant network is having problems. Can you see what's going on inside your transactions when there are hundreds or thousands every second?

We look inside transactions, exposing the attributes and values to give context to the data being monitored. An advanced analytics and rules engine pinpoints anomalies in real-time and notifies the right people, right away.

Your payment switch is critical - nothing should be allowed to put the service at risk. Our incredibly lightweight agent extracts transaction data from the payment switch and offloads it to a dedicated database. This separation from the source system brings many benefits.

  • Run complex queries and reports with zero impact on the payment switch

  • Keep data for as long as it is useful without consideration of the impact on the switch

  • Get instant access to transaction data on browser or mobile. No privileged network access or specialist knowledge required

  • Put meaningful transaction data in the hands of help-desk users, operations staff and management

  • Combine collected system metrics with transaction data to cast light on the whole payment infrastructure

We understand the format of payment images. So unlike other vendors that might just count the transaction, we expose its fields, attributes and values. We store it in full-fidelity so all fields are available for use in rule thresholds and they can be plotted on charts and dashboards. This can be used to 'slice and dice' the data - summarising it to add meaning - and to build highly focused queries.

Fully configurable dashboards allow you to show the carts, metrics and alerts you need. Create separate dashboards for different teams, showing on the information that matters/ Thresholds bring focus to exceptional occurrences. If thresholds are exceeded, incidents are assigned to the relevant team for further investigation, tracking the lifecycle of the exception and any recovery steps.

Pinpoint accuracy

Powerful query screens locate transactions using any field as a filter. No programming or SQL knowledge is required, and there's zero impact on the payment switch. Export query results for revenue analysis other systems. No more requesting access to the 'production' system for a technician to run a query or report.

With our payment tracking solutions you run the query and get the results in seconds.