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Message Tracking

A user sends a message but it isn't delivered - how do you find out what went wrong? When there's a problem in a complex messaging environment, the traditional solutions means trawling through log files - often on distributed servers - searching for that elusive message ID. Worse still, you probably didn't realise there was a problem until the user or customer noticed it and notified you. 

We proactively monitor your entire messaging environment in a single application - showing you the big picture. We notify you when a message is not delivered in time, when a mail server goes offline, when queues are building up, or when non-delivery rates exceed normal thresholds. 

Tracking messages in complex environments is never easy. It usually involves visiting the messaging server and reviewing log files. If there are multiple servers, in multiple locations, from multiple vendors - you won't get an answer anytime soon. 

By monitoring all of your messaging servers and collating to a central database, you see the entire message flow. You know if messages are delivered, queued or rejected. You know if processes have stopped. You know if the network is unavailable. You know where the problems are, the moment they happen. 

A powerful query engine lets any user track any message. No more interpreting log files, requiring special privileges or specialist system knowledge. Queries pinpoint the message in seconds, showing a graphical flow of the message and instantly highlighting where the problem lies. Each server in the diagram reveals all the events associated with the message - essential diagnostic information. 

Don't wait until you break your SLA - use rules and alerts to notify you when key measurements are approaching thresholds: queue size, delivery time, non-delivery counts. 

Find problems before they get out of hand.