Batch Processing

A secure and deeply monitored batch application that is being run today for every core fiscal process.

You will see immediate results with a reduction in batch runtimes, and zero impact on JCL maintenance. 

With TMF audited, replicated batch schedules, MultiBatch gives you faster batch schedule recovery. 

Faster system reloads and system recovery provided by the use of MultiBatch improves your Disaster Recovery SLA's.

Need to improve on your EMS event monitoring and management? No problem - MultiBatch gives you unique, fully tokenised events, which can be monitored in all event viewers, including Insider Technologies own Reflex and Sentra. 

CRONTAB scheduling is now available in MultiBatch 9.5. Batch integrity is protected with the introduction of Stepview®, providing detailed trends of daily batch times. 

MultiBatch reduces your HPE NoNStop batch runtime by up to 6 hours per day. 

No JCL (TACL/NBEXEC) maintenance.

Apply the full parallel performance power of HPE NonStop architecture to your batch schedules.