Keep calm and confident of your IT performance with a single, comprehensive operation dashboard.

A single pane of glass.

Set customised alerts based on business conditions; real-time notification via dashboard, email, pager or smartphone.

Unacknowledged alerts are displayed before acknowledged alerts - irrespective of sort order. 

Alerts can be muted to prevent similar alerts from re-firing for a specific period of time. The default period is one hour, but you are free to tailor this to match your SLA's.

Add comments to alerts - useful when highlighting alerts that may be generated due to your maintenance activities. 

Go further. 

Create different types of incidents from alerts and assign them to specific people within your team. From help-desk staff all the way to your CTO, customised alerts ensure the right people are informed when it matters. Build in an escalation path based on people, critical events, peak times in your business calendar. 

Our solutions routinely report, escalate and alert when data transaction patterns differ from the norm.

Reduce risk. Be informed. Relax, and then react.

You're always in the know.