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ETI-NET backup products evolved in the earliest days of massive data transfer across disparate servers within complex data centres. The company acquired a core competence in managing this category of data traffic, which today defines the market for advanced backup solutions.

Backup interfaces from HPE NonStop to IBM Power mainframes, APIs to storage servers, and device emulators and controllers are all the result of our focus and expertise in this important discipline.

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SPHiNX leverages a new technology - FLEXIBLE DEDUP - to take advantage of data deduplication for short term storage and replication and uses economic TEiRiNG storage for archiving. Sphinx is software agnostic, emulating tape libraries and tape devices for easy and seamless integration with enterprise backup software, ensuring you can leverage your investment. Mix and match legacy SPHiNX technologies with the Optimization Engine to improve ROI. SPHiNX also enables you to export your data directly to tape with going through the host server.

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Every BackBox is context-free and depends upon the NonStop server for its meta-data and configuration. Should a BackBox require replacement there is no critical data at risk of loss in a single failure event. Moreover, multiple BackBox systems work together to supply an array of tape devices to an individual NonStop node, across multiple channel paths and with no risk of operational disruption should a single BackBox be taken off-line. BackBox is the superior solution for NonStop users requiring performance, availability, remote replication, deduplication and encryption.