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Product training

The right training delivered in a concise and time-efficient way is the key to a successful IT department.

Insider Technologies recognises that the implementation of any product within a complex network may require specific expertise so we provide a range of customised product courses. These can be delivered either in-house, or on-site as required.

Our courses and training can be tailored to your specific requirements and provide all the skills and information that you need, whatever your team’s experience level.

Business training is available on a wide range of banking, retail, system and application monitoring subjects.

Our application and business specialists conduct formal user and management training at our education facility in Salford Quays, Manchester, UK.

The modular course structure allows students to target information specifically pertinent to their needs, while small class sizes facilitate one-to-one interaction with our application specialists.

Technical, application and management training is also available on a range of Insider Technologies products, including Sentra; RTLX Reactor; Reflex 80:20 and MultiBatch, allowing students to get hands-on training so they’re ready to apply their knowledge as soon as your system is operational.

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