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Insider Technologies

Bespoke development

If an off-the-shelf product doesn’t cover all your requirements, contact us for a solution that will completely meet your needs.

Insider Technologies develops bespoke software for the HP NonStop (Tandem Computers) platform, Windows, Windows Mobile, Unix and Linux environments.

We have extensive experience in developing bespoke software solutions and services for our worldwide customer base including major banking and financial institutions, telecommunication companies, the oil industry, and Government agencies.

We are able to provide specialists that can analyse your requirements and implement a bespoke development using our highly successful project development methodology, so your complete satisfaction is ensured.

Mediation device project

Insider Technologies provided consultancy and development resource to supply a high performance internet routing solution for users located temporarily away from their normal place of work.

Extensive research was undertaken into the most suitable hardware and software available.

An accounting mechanism was implemented so that the length of time on-line and the amount of activity per user was recorded and this data was then used to drive a ‘fair usage policy’ so that a large user base shared limited bandwidth equally.

Web portal project

Insider Technologies provided the development effort to create a bespoke web application to allow users or their friends and family to top-up a telephone account on-line to help supplement an allowance of free calls.

Prior to this development users needed to contact a call centre within fixed hours and provide credit card details.

The application processed credit card transactions and for successful authorisations the users’ telephone account was updated automatically.

Users were also able to review call activity and usage statements on-line.

When only bespoke will do…You need an Insider!