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Insurance is a key application area for Insider Technologies systems, providing detailed analysis across networks, monitoring and alerting against patterns, variances and anomalies within any given data set, perhaps monitoring claims, claims history, asset protection.

Insider Technologies has also provided customised systems development for Insurance sector clients, including provisioning systems.

The system consists of:

  • A web-based application from which single groups of accounts can be configured.
  • A X500 directory schema to store configuration information; the NPLEX Global Directory Server product is used.
  • Agent applications to forward data from the X500 directory to the software applications comprising the service.

The provisioning system allows the optional extension to include a billing component based on our Sentra product.

Insider Technologies has also developed specific database application systems, for example to manage Holiday Home Insurance.

Our solution provides both a public web portal for clearing policy quotations and an internal insurance provisioning system.

The public web portal offers:

  • Customer details acquisition.
  • Question and Answer based look and feel.
  • Quote calculation engine based on Q&A.
  • SSL Support.
  • Encrypted quote deliver to internal Insurance Provisioning System (encrypted email).

The Insurance Provisioning System offers:

  • Quote processing (Decrypted quotes).
  • Policy lifecycle management, from policy clearing to policy renewal.
  • Document automation (i.e. policy schedules).
  • Management/Underwriter reporting.
  • Claims/Payment handling.