Insider Technologies
Insider Technologies

Retail banking and finance

Application Monitoring: Insider Technologies software monitors all aspects of retail banking authorisation system infrastructure from physical hardware, network infrastructure, transaction flow, customer behaviour, retailer activity, the list is almost endless limited only by the entities and attributes recorded, calculable, modelled or forecast within your transaction processing system. 

Archiving and Retrieval: The same technology that tracks transactions in real time is also rather good at locating the transactions once they’ve been stored. Massive amounts of transaction data is written away every second of every day. Our technology can locate, re-access and retrieve historical transaction data faster than you can say ‘needle in a haystack’!

Wholesale banking

Insider Technologies monitoring, dashboarding and alerting solutions can be used across a wide range of Wholesale banking and Financial markets application areas.

Our applications monitor and alert on SWIFT, SEPA, EBA and national funds transfer applications safeguarding performance and alerting against lost, delayed, missing transactions as well as volume variances to any known ‘norm’, delays or latency across a network, any aspect in fact of any registered, attributable, calculable or estimate-able, entity or attribute of the system in question.

In addition, Insider Technologies solutions track trading flows and delivery against Payment instructions; Securities clearing and settlement; Central Securities Depositories; Custodians; Liquidity Management; Risk Management; Treasury etc.

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