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Insider Technologies

What do you need?

At Insider Technologies we work with an extremely wide variety of organisations, large and small, public and private sector, Government and commerce, all around the world and as a result we deal every day with the key issues facing organisations and their senior management. Whatever your problems, challenges or opportunities, we have the skills, knowledge, expertise and if your situation calls for it; the necessary Security Clearances; to assist you. In addition to providing backbone systems which monitor and alert dashboard variances in your business behaviour, we have the experience to apply lessons learned from around the world to help you specifically with:

  • Problem definitions.
  • Business justifications.
  • Board proposals and presentations.
  • Social Media management and policy.
  • Compliance policy and management.
  • Fraud prevention and detection.
We can provide help and support to you directly, or to your Board and other stakeholders, internal as well as third party. Click on the link to read a little more about the specifics we offer or select the sector that matches your needs.


When you need to know what’s going on… You need an insider!