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Sentra achieves this by providing centralised alerting, escalation, intervention, tracking and reporting tools from a single console view. Furthermore, Sentra collects data from many sources: payment logs, system components, application events, log files and interprets them in terms of how they affect overall service provision. Real-time views mean that service levels can be proactively maintained. Historical data mining and reporting capability enables efficient resource allocation and capacity planning. The precise nature of the deployment of Sentra is variable from one customer to another, but most will utilise a combination of the following features:

  • Centralised, rules-based system, payment platform, application and service level monitoring.
  • Automated alerting to service threats (payment platform, system and application) and SLA violations through e-mail, SMS, SNMP trap, script files, batch files.
  • Intelligent escalation of alerts to TIVOLI™, HP Operations Center™ (formerly OpenView™), HP ServiceDesk™, BMC Performance Manager™ (formerly Patrol™) and Reflex, e.g. payment switch / interchange reduced transaction traffic.
  • Automated problem resolution, e.g. restarting of failed applications and processes.
  • Platform and application availability monitoring, e.g. payment switches, transaction throughput.
  • Monitoring of the availability and response of key internet services, such as HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP4.
  • XML monitoring including UNIFI payment formats.
  • HP NonStop monitoring of the Event Management Subsystem (EMS) with complete dynamic filtering of events from any configured collector(s).
  • BASE24 and BASE24-eps™ (using ACI’s EE-SE415 product) and BASE24™ POS, ATM and Interchange monitoring of both TLF and PTLF transaction log files. See also RTLX Reactor for HP NonStop EMS, payment and transaction monitoring of ATM and POS (TLF and PTLF) transaction log files and RTLX FAQs in right-hand margin.
  • Simplified Service Level Agreement (SLA) management.
  • Graphical, End-to-End message tracking.
  • Monitoring of a wide variety of e-mail messaging systems and gateways such as MS Exchange 5.5/2000/2003, SendMail, Isode, Nexor, Critical Path, NetTel (Clearswift), Infonet, ISOCOR and OSI/MHS. Both X400 and SMTP e-mail protocols are supported.
  • Full auditing of mailbox activity – indentify when mail is read, forwarded, deleted and moved. Monitor when delegate users and unauthorised users access a mailbox.  Ideal for high security messaging environments.
  • Queue Monitoring, Management and Control – Monitor the size and activity of a queue, delete messages and force non-delivery reports.
  • Monitoring of middleware systems such as IBM WebSphere MQ (formerly known as MQ Series).
  • Mailbox auditing on Exchange 2003, including read/moved/deleted status of a message.
  • Mail traffic pattern assessment.
  • Capacity planning.
  • Reporting on transaction, payment and messaging issues.
  • Billing or usage analysis.
  • SNMP IN for monitoring of network components e.g. Routers.
  • Security and Intrusion Monitoring.

Increased depth of monitoring and intelligent data handling means that relevant data is readily available in either real-time or historical formats. More informed decision-making is therefore possible, improving the ability to respond to problems and to plan effectively for the future. A full implementation of Sentra means that previously labour-intensive tasks can be automated and centralised. This improves resource utilisation and reduces total cost of ownership (TCO).

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