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Sentra Social Media Monitoring provides a host of easy to use features for protecting your brand on Social Media.

Speedy deployment

With no requirement for IT involvement, Sentra Social Media Monitoring is immediately available and productive within minutes.

Access is through a simple web browser facility, collecting Social Media data relevant to you, your organisation, your entity, your competitors; whoever or whatever you select.

Easy access

Run ‘in the Cloud’ as a SaaS (Software as a Service) proposition, all data can be viewed from a web page, with no special software or client downloads. This allows the user to view on any web enabled devices.

Infographic data

All data is provided in infographic format in real time. The user has the ability to change the views, to review what happened, in the last hour, yesterday or a week ago. In addition, there is the ability to home in on particular entries or types of entry with easy to use filters.

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis of Social Media entries can support multiple languages for further analysis.

Visibility and velocity

Social Media entries can be tracked to see the velocity and visibility of messages. A negative message only seen by a few people and re-Tweeted over weeks represents a different threat to one seen by millions of individuals over a matter of minutes.

Infographics options

The infographics available include line charts, bar charts, pie charts, bubble charts, gauges, word clouds, tables and text

Individual Tweets can be ‘drilled down’ to and identified by clicking on infographics, providing a tabular version.

Word clouds to easily identify trends based on recent Social Media activity.

Infographics can be saved as PDF’s for further distribution.


Queries to find Social Media entries. Queries can be based on any attribute of the Social Media, for example, language, location, sentiment, user name and time frames. Queries can be exported to CSV for further analysis or charting.


The ability to automatically alert based on rules. These rules can be based on user defined thresholds. Custom rules can also be created on request. Rules can trigger email alerts, sms messages, physical alerts, or in large organisations feed into enterprise monitoring systems.

Tracking individual users

Tracking of individual users. This can be achieved if user accounts have been hacked, or for some reason the individuals are creating “off message” (negative) accounts.


Sentra Social Media Monitoring provides a wide range of tools for the protection of your brand, alerting you in real time about issues on Social Media.