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Feel secure, you’re in good hands

The intricate web of social media is spun 24 hours a day, generating millions upon millions of potentially damaging comment and most activity occurs out of office hours, during the evenings and at weekends. An attack on your brand can destroy it in hours and damage limitation, performed between nine and five thirty Monday to Friday, is most often too little too late.
There are many companies who will claim to ‘monitor’ your Social Media reputation, but the expertise and pedigree of Insider Technologies, watching, listening and analysing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year sets us apart from the crowd. Our Sentra product monitors all social media activity of interest to you and alerts to changes in sentiment, (positive or negative), unusual activity and potential brand and reputational damage, to you, your market or your competitors, the moment it happens, in real-time.

If we wake you at 3 a.m., as well we might; or disturb your Sunday afternoon, you’ll be glad that we did.
With over twenty five years expertise of monitoring high volume transaction systems for banks, retailers and major companies worldwide, alerting and escalating when the unusual, unexpected or unwanted occurs …. Who else should you trust with something as important as your brand, your reputation, your share price, your job?
Sentra Social Network monitoring from Insider Technologies –
for those who would rather not be monitoring Social Media, or don’t have the time; but understand that they must …… and the implications if they don’t!