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This article appeared in Microsoft OnWindows magazine, September 2015.

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Insider Technologies’ Sentra monitoring solution is taking on big data and providing customers with a cutting edge

Having monitored high volume transaction processing systems for more than 25 years, I thought there was a danger that our business might possibly become a little boring! Then we met big data!

Working for banks, retail organisations, governments and the military, at Insider Technologies we can pretty much identify any anomaly in any system the moment it happens, wherever and whenever it happens. We can send alerts, text messages, e-mails, and we can flash alarms, ring fire bells – however you want to be told there’s a problem, we can tell you. Night or day, 365 days a year.

The detail or the bigger picture

If circumstances conspire to create an associated problem, we are smart enough to identify just what needs to be done, and alert either the detail or the bigger picture. We then communicate the required action to the correct individuals immediately.

Our systems alert to hardware, network, system resource and usage levels tracking temperatures, monitoring transaction speed for system performance and service level agreement enforcement purposes. We identify patterns of behaviour or data that indicates fraud and implicates staff, merchants or customers. Bogus transactions, merchant refund fraud, and attempts to use cloned cards are identified. We also track social media reputation and alert on anti money laundering, sanctions compliance and SWIFT message delays.

“I thought there was a danger that our business might possibly become a little boring! Then we met big data!”

The ‘greater interest’ generated by big data started for us with the Olympic Games in London in 2012. One of our UK banking clients asked us to re-model their ATM replenishment algorithms, based on anticipated increased customer flow. We took daily ticket sales from the International Olympic Park, and overlaid visitor location information. We then mapped this using railway and London Underground flows and passenger numbers and presented our ‘new ATM usage projections’.

Earth tremors or earthquakes

Proving accurate to over 90%, the rest, as the saying goes, is history. We have now expanded our capability to all major events and for ‘profit centre’ ATM siting purposes. Another  banking  client  wanted  to  improve their service and response levels in the event of earth tremors or earthquakes across their network. Overlaying seismic data onto their ATM and  branch   network,  Insider   Technologies’ Sentra Monitoring now provides a crucial advance warning when their systems are likely to be taken down by seismic events.

Our latest requests involve mapping weather information across a network, integrating geolocation information from social media to reduce banking fraud, social media as a channel for monitoring bank system availability, and monitoring body temperatures. I shouldn’t have worried – our world has become much more interesting!

John Bycroft, Sales and Marketing Director, Insider Technologies