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The digital world does not keep office hours

In pre digital days a ‘stitch in time saved nine’ – in today’s world that can easily be saving nine million or more. The digital world does not keep office hours; it runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. A brand or a company’s reputation can be tarnished irrevocably in minutes. So Social Media monitoring needs two key attributes – the ability to work ceaselessly 24 hours per day, also be able to process large volumes without a slowdown in performance. This all points to an automated real time alerting and monitoring system. The ability to automatically alert at 2.00am as thousands of Tweets have been generated damaging the brand is an essential tool in today’s public relations world. Imagine the situation; something goes viral on the Friday of a public holiday weekend. Addressing the problem on Tuesday morning after a wonderfully relaxing break is not acceptable.

At Insider Technologies we have perfected our skills over 25 years of real time monitoring and high volume transaction systems experience, combining this with the latest techniques for analyzing and aggregating Social Media data, to provide the premier service for the monitoring and protection of corporate image and brand.

Real time alerts because every second counts

It’s not just the raising of alerts, the ability to provide forensic data to accurately and efficiently track the progress of the message through the Social Media universe is key to being able to provide an effective strategy to neutralise negative opinion. Once things do calm down, it is essential to learn by mistakes and review the impact of defensive measures.

Presenting this data is key to how useful it is. At Insider Technologies we provide the ability to allow different users to view, manage and alert based on their roles and responsibilities. Again, all in real-time.

The other issue often neglected is the contagion effect. Although it’s easy to gloat over a competitor’s misfortune at some social media gaffe – it could potentially damage your reputation- again every minute is key to the message the world will perceive.

It’s not all doom and gloom- positive messages spreading through Social Media also need to be monitored– again the earlier they are picked up, the more likely the situation can be capitalised upon, maximising potential benefits.

In short in the fast moving world of Social Media every second counts.