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In today’s ever changing business landscapes, social networks play an increasingly important part in how your company and your company’s reputation are perceived.

Recent experiences from companies all around the world report social network activity damaging organisational reputation, public profile, press reporting and in many cases directly resulting in downward share price movement. Any organisation which values its market reputation and share price must take heed to guard against these negative forces.

Why choose Sentra Social Media Monitoring

Insider Technologies Limited, are long recognised leaders in monitoring applications and systems technology, with a customer base that extends from major Financial Institutions to Governments; Insurance companies to the military and increasingly both public and privately held commercial companies. Utilising this strength of experience and pedigree of expertise, Insider Technologies has developed a Social Media Monitoring and escalation solution which produces a constant and reliable complete snapshot of your business profile and reputation on social networks.

What Sentra Social Media Monitoring can do for you

Sentra Social Media Monitoring can be used to detect trending topics and changing influences to the business. An example is a financial institution with issues with its ATM network. The trending on Twitter and other social networks is often the first indication that a major issue has occurred – indeed for executives they can find themselves challenged by the Press before they are even aware of the original problems being experienced.

Sentra Social Media Monitoring allows the ability to manage multiple social networks with multiple parameters. The ability to manage ‘sentiment analysis’ using unique lexicons for particular markets, all through easy to update parameter screens, allows a graphical dashboard to be created and easily edited.

What does this mean for your business?

This means from a single graphical dashboard, senior executives can measure how the company is being perceived through social networks – immediately and constantly, tracking successful media and social network campaigns or negative influences through changes in service, performance or external factors.
The flexibility also allows organisations to monitor the social media performance of other companies – so executives can review what is happening to subsidiaries, sister companies, even competitors.

Sentra Social Media Monitoring is simple to install, using industry standard environments, the dashboard interface is web based to ensure easy integration with existing applications. Sentra Social Media Monitoring provides a complete, secure monitoring solution to ensure your business is the first to know trends in the dynamic world of social networks.

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