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Everyone in the payments chain needs an agile, flexible cost effective solution for fraud and the challenges it presents – Sentra Fraud Detection is that solution.


Sentra Fraud Detection provides an industrial strength proven architecture, using state of the art big data and machine learning tools to allow a comprehensive, flexible, cost effective solution to fraud – ensuring maximum effectiveness with minimum ongoing costs. This provides any element of the payments chain with a robust tool to meet the challenges of the ever-changing fraud ecosystem

Sentra Fraud Detection

Sentra is a proven platform for the alerting, monitoring and information management of systems, applications and transactions from Insider Technologies. Its GUI driven architecture has been used to monitor fraud by our global blue chip customers for more than 25 years. In the latest release of Sentra, Insider Technologies has significantly added to the flexibility and functionality, using new and innovative technology to allow an enhanced, user friendly, focused toolset to prevent, detect and manage fraud as the transaction occurs.

Response to threats

The agents of fraud will inevitably always be one step ahead, with new and inventive methods of creating fraudulent transactions – that’s the nature of the war against fraud. However, when a new method is discovered it is important that the tools are available to identify and respond to the threat, closing it down quickly.
Sentra Fraud Detection has the facility to update rules immediately to respond to tactical threats. The ability to provide test environments ensures that transactions can be easily replayed, in order to model how they perform in the live environment and to ensure that new rules do not create a flood of false positives.

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