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Reflex 80:20

HP NonStop management software

Reflex is used by many of the worlds most demanding financial and telecommunications organisations. Reflex is a dynamic HP NonStop management software, providing real-time, proactive and historical monitoring for all HP NonStop Subsystems, Applications and Services. Reflex provides a concurrently accessible view of your entire HP NonStop estate (both network and supporting Guardian and OSS subsystems) from an integrated, graphical interface. EMS event alerts are mapped directly to the appropriate NonStop object component, e.g. XPNET station, line, batch job, CPU, disk, process, TCP/IP listener, MQ queue, Enscribe or SQL file. Providing both clear and audited troubleshooting capability to the Operations Bridge.

What Reflex 80:20 can do for you:

  • Provide early warning of business process vulnerability – applications and hardware.
  • Automatically escalate faults and restart critical business processes.
  • Provide a tool that can be used by non-technical staff.
  • Cover a heterogeneous environment to deal with connected devices and networks.
  • Provide comprehensive HP NonStop component information and health for supporting subsystems from a single graphical view without requiring TACL command prompt syntax.
  • Provide a wide range of reactions to alerts via SNMP, Mobile SMS, Pager and email.
  • Route key events to enterprise managers (e.g. HP Operations Center™ using Smart Plug-In, Tivoli™ using TEC Adapter and logfile approaches and BMC Performance Manager™ using the PatrolCLI utility).
  • Convert 512 text events and application text messages to fully tokenised EMS for Open System Services (OSS), WebSphere MQ and Guardian processes.
  • Provide auto-detection of, and monitoring provision for, the BASE24™ XPNET management layer, i.e. stations, lines, links, processes, devices and XPNET nodes.
  • Provide the industry’s lowest overhead on CPU utilisation – just 1%.
  • Provide system performance measurement of CPUs, Disks, TCP/IP, X25 and processes including missing, looping, busy and suspect processes.
  • Install quickly with self-checking installation macro and then autodetect major HP NonStop subsystems for fast implementation, e.g. PATHWAYs.
  • Reduce maintenance and investment required.
  • Efficient production and presentation of Management Information Reports without affecting the performance of the HP NonStop server.
  • Reflex ships with several utilities that cater for bulk configuration of process / file monitoring, import / export of reaction / task configuration to allow easy replication of configuration across multiple HP NonStop node.

The graphical display can be customised so that icons representing faults can be grouped into technical views, service views or business views. Different views can be provided for different groups of users from the same source of data.

For further detail, please see our tech info section.

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