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MultiBatch: batch processing

Batch processing on HP NonStop for the Guardian and Open System Services (OSS)

MultiBatch is used for batch processing by some of the largest financial and central banking organisations in the HP NonStop user community. It is used in contingency situations to provide an ordered and optimised strategy for site switching during Disaster Recovery and for more general NSK closedown and start-up maintenance procedures. MultiBatch is a powerful and maintainable batch processing environment that exploits the HP NonStop server architecture for the Guardian and Open System Services (OSS) operating systems. All job status data can be relayed to a Windows server for graphical and tabular charts, management reports and Real-Time tracking. New facilities and functionality are continually being developed for MultiBatch, as requested by customers, so particular needs can be accommodated, please talk to us about what MutiBatch can do for your organisation.

What MultiBatch can do for you

  • Provide Pathway and / or GUI interfaces.
  • Batch tracking.
  • Run Guardian and Open System Services (OSS) applications within the same batch schedule.
  • Provide a NetBatch conversion utility.
  • Automated Calendaring and Scheduling.
  • High performance parallel batch.
  • Network control transparency.
  • Simultaneous job execution.
  • A migration tool can be used to convert batch schedules between nodes for easy replication in a multi-node environment.
  • Supports object parameters to ease maintenance in global schedule updates for multiple jobs.
  • Optional checkpoint / restart functionality.
  • Dynamically amend the start time of job(s) e.g. /- 1 hour.
  • An option to use SNMP gateways.
  • Three levels of job hierarchy, two levels of dependency.
  • Secure execution shell.
  • Provide a fully EMS compatible application

For further detail, please see our tech info section.

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