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Regional agents

In order to augment, supplement and support our systems and software within each territory or country, it is our policy to select and appoint local companies, with whom we can deliver service and support, using local resources, local language where applicable, local customs and culture.

Our Regional Agents include:


K-Consultants deliver high quality consultancy advice for the Financial sector. They are very competitive in this field and always aim to deliver value for money plus. K-Consultants focus is on delivering the best return on investment.

Consultants often have the important role of creating the basis upon which projects are built, by defining needs and giving the direction for effective solutions.  This is  is why K-Consultants  collaborate with strategic solution providers like Insider Technologies.



ELTA-R provide Telecom and Messaging solutions to the Security and Defence industry in Bulgaria. They have extensive experience of delivering Military Message Handling Systems (MMHS). ELTA-R successfully implemented the MMHS links from Bulgaria to NATO.  They also have experience in the security sector and offer Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions that use dedicated cryptographic hardware.



Magnux is a Chilean based company providing its customers with Information Technology services and professional consultants. A high level of commitment and excellence resulting in numerous successful projects have enabled Magnux to sustain continued growth since its beginnings. Magnux Ltd was established in 2001 and today its main customers are the leading banks and retailers in Chile. Magnux’ experience in the HP NonStop space spans 24 years.

USA & Canada


With offices in New York and Toronto, SCIL is a consultancy and software solutions provider with specialist expertise in EMV credit/debit smart card solutions, Payment transaction processing systems, mobile payments and enterprise security, addressing the financial, healthcare and transportation markets. SCIL’s history goes back to the early days of smart cards and payment applications with Mondex in the UK where SCIL implemented Mondex in many countries that had bought the franchise rights. Based on the high level of skill and respect in which SCIL is regarded, as soon as the EMV consortium of Europay MasterCard and Visa had written a draft version of the EMV specs, the SCIL technical team was requested to review and advise.

SCIL been involved with EMV since then, implementing EMV systems for issuer and acquirers in a number of regions.

The US financial market hit a low in the 2008 market crash and has been struggling to pick up steam. Even when EMV liability shift dates were announced, there was a “wait and see” attitude by the affected stakeholders. All of this came to a boil when there were a number of credit card data breaches starting with Target and more recently Home Depot. These breaches have certainly encouraged banks and financial institutions to more seriously address the benefits of EMV implementation and the benefits which can be derived from implementing Insider Technologies monitoring and alerting systems.

Generally in the United States, EMV is seen as a tool to curb increasing fraud that has migrated to the US since other markets started using the more secure EMV cards. SCIL has been working hard to get the issuers to adopt the newer technologies like EMV in the US.  SCIL believe that the unique properties of Insider’s Sentra product, in tandem with the introduction of EMV, can significantly reduce fraud and other operational imperatives across a range of areas.

The Canadian market is a little different than the US mainly because it’s a much smaller market and that they are nearly 100% EMV migrated. Various loopholes though exists and Canadian banks are alert to implementing additional fraud detection using Sentra from Insider Technologies.

SCIL is working with a number of issuers in the US so we see great opportunities here as there are over 10,000 issuers of all sizes, the majority of whom would need fraud detection and reduction.