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Insider Technologies works with a range of blue chip organisations in many sectors, including Government, Security Services, Banking, Retail, Telecommunications and Utilities. In the United Kingdom Insider Technologies proudly serves all five of the Top Five banks and in Europe two out of the top three armies. The specific work that we undertake is often subject to commercial confidentiality, or statutory secrecy. In general terms though, as can be seen from details elsewhere around this website, we provide message, security and transaction monitoring, dashboarding and escalation against specific criteria, calculations or projections. A cross section of Insider Technologies’ customer base includes the leading names in banking and financial services, telecommunications providers, government institutions and military messaging bodies. These include:

Al Rajhi Bank, Saudi Arabia uses Insider Technologies’ Sentra and RTLX products. Al Rajhi use relatively less expensive SQL database storage to archive historical transaction data away from their HP NonStop system, this permits speedy access of archived customer transaction data against strictly enforced central bank Service Level Agreement definitions, in addition to opening up data analysis opportunities for use in connection with marketing, fraud prevention, customer service and trending applications.


Barclays Bank uses Insider Technologies’ Multibatch product and associated technology to monitor their network and system performance.

Lloyds image005
Lloyds Bank utilises Insider Technologies products to manage their systems network health.


Deutsche bank image007
Deutsche Bank engaged with Insider Technologies to forecast incoming intra bank and network payments traffic flows against expected norms, based on time of day, previous same day comparisons, this day last year etc. This allows the bank to forecast when flows (and last minute bulk transaction ‘deliveries’) were likely to miss certain cut-off or end-of-processing-day deadlines.

Global payments image009Global Payments host a global authorisation and switching infrastructure across all time zones using Insider Technologies’ Sentra RTLX product and facilities. Insider have partnered with Global Payments to provide deeper analysis and reporting allowing them to provide value-added information back to their merchants (about the merchants’ own businesses) on a level never previously possible.

hsbc [Converted]
HSBC uses different Insider Technologies products to improve their back office systems flows, as well as to monitor both their ATM and POS application network traffic. In addition, HSBC, as with many banks today, have a Social Media team within the bank harnessing Twitter, Facebook and other such media to communicate with and receive input from their customers and the general public. Trends, data and situations ‘of potential Twitter interest’ identified by Insider’s RTLX are relayed to the Social Media team as appropriate to manage market and customer situations in a timely manner.

RBS image012Multibatch is utilised by RBS to help monitor and manage their HP NonStop platforms and batch applications.

Standard Chartered image014
Reflex 80:20 provides systems management for Standard Chartered’s message payment and electronic banking application.

World pay image016Multibatch is used by World Pay to help monitor and manage the organisation’s payments services applications.

Insider Technologies is rapidly extending its presence in and beyond Europe and has a client base that includes companies in North and South America, the Far East and Australasia, give us a call to see how we can help you.