Insider Technologies
Insider Technologies

Sentry Duty

Why you need an Insider!

Transactions: millions per second. We monitor them,
check them, analyse them 24 hours per day, 7 days per
week, 365 days per year and if they’re different in any
way to what’s ‘normal’ or expected, if they deviate, if
there’s more or less of a certain type, or certain value, if they take longer, come from an unusual source,
if there’s a pattern change, if previous experience on this
time slice of this day last week /last month / last year
/last public holiday shows a deviation we escalate,
notify, display, ring alarm bells…whatever our clients
want… We are your inner eye.

Avoiding panic

Importantly, we will notify you of events and occurrences
before you hear about them from the Public, the Press, or
the Panic from within your own organisation! Historical
data is our forte too. Our clients process millions of
transactions every second of every day so the build up of
historical data is massive and relentless. The task of
rapidly and accurately accessing historical data is one
that Insider Technologies consistently achieves through
fast-track data mining and retrieval.

Integrating and interpreting

We monitor systems and environments in different key
areas; including the physical and logical system and
network level, internal data flow (for example through
network or application queues, MQ queues and the like),
application level, social media activity and external data
sources; integrating and interpreting the results to identify
and escalate the reality and the implications of what is