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What we can do for you

At Insider Technologies we are concerned with looking behind the scenes, digging below the surface, beyond the obvious, projecting the likely, highlighting the unlikely, escalating, alerting, protecting, warning.

Exactly how this translates for you and your business can vary tremendously and is often subject to commercial confidentiality.

We certainly believe that the deployment of an Insider Technologies system can deliver significant competitive advantage.

We are regarded by our clients as ‘highly innovative’ and as part of this innovation we are highly specialised in delivering new aspects of the information that you already hold, have access to or can calculate. Or project.

Capturing and consolidating the essence of business processes is crucial, especially when these may be distributed across a range of applications as is typical of many transaction orientated (so called SOA)-based solutions.

Insider Technologies products allow users to condense complex processes into a single comprehensive operational dashboard.

The BAM allows business users to define and extract crucial data which is then used to visualise the end-to-end payment process and alert users of exception conditions such as processing bottlenecks and problem payments.

Key features include:

  • Monitoring facilities from both the business and technical viewpoint
  • Early detection and resolution of processing bottlenecks
  • Configuration and generation of alerts for user-defined exception conditions
  • Automated alert escalation and delivery via multiple channels (eg SMS, e-mail)
  • Ability to monitor multiple data sources (eg IBM WebSphere MQ Series queues, Oracle views, JMX queues) via dedicated agents
  • Support for drill down to specific problem area to support resolution
  • Easy extension to provide enterprise-wide monitoring
  • Integration with other system management packages such as Tivoli™ and HP OpenView™

Examples of what we do include:

Across networks, we can monitor and alert to integrity errors. Information entering not matching that which leaves: Applications include financial networks (ATM,POS, Visa, MC, SWIFT etc.), telecommunications (revenue leakage, message loss), communications (message integrity), smart metering (transaction mismatch, variances to norm) etc.

Across communication networks (packet switching, e-mail, sensitive data) we can monitor the message path(s), routes taken, nodes touched, confirm message arrival, confirm when read and report / destroy unused packets.

In any network we can monitor and report on the physical and logical health, indicating hardware, software, network errors.

In any network or interconnected infrastructure we will monitor and report on slow running processes, interfaces, volume variances, latency across a network etc. Failures are often detectable, Insider reports on slow running, arguably a greater cause of system problems.

In any transaction environment we will track the number of transactions (by type, source or end point, value or any other variable as necessary) and match against previous periods; reporting on deviations. Particularly useful where a ‘cut off’ time exists and early warning of late processing (ie volume into remaining time available is becoming tight) is required.

As a real-time additional fraud detector (in addition to a specific Fraud Solution) Insider Technologies products will alert to unusual card activity, unusual bank (BIN) activity, unusual retailer activity etc. The recent ‘fraudulent pre-pay card’ scam would have been alerted to the Acquirer if they had Insider Technology software installed, preventing loss of service (empty ATMs) to their clients, bad publicity, management and operational time liaising with law enforcement, completing charge backs, liaising with the Issuer banks, the international card organisations etc.

These are just examples from an exhaustive range of possibilities. Please call or e-mail us now for more information.

Give us a call or email to discuss your own requirements.

If you need to find a specific stalk of hay… You need an Insider!