Based on our 25 year pedigree of monitoring high volume transaction and payment systems, Insider Technologies has invested heavily in additional performance and functionality capabilities and we are delighted to announce a number of new Sentra modules as part of our integrated Sentra Monitoring suite.

Working for world leading banks, Government and Military systems, Sentra has achieved a first class reputation as a powerful and reliable monitoring and detection system, across a wide range of system, operations, application, data and external linkage levels, but that’s not all!

Over the last few years, two significant market changes have served to enable a step change in Sentra’s power and ability to monitor and report on what is happening in our clients’ systems, applications and environments; right now, in real-time.

1. Firstly, Moores Law. Named after Gordon E. Moore, one of the co-founders of Intel. Moore’s law observes that computer processing power doubles approximately every two years. This compounded doubling of processing power, coupled with the latest Machine Learning techniques ( allows Sentra to permit more real-time processing ‘on the fly’ as transactions pass through, than ever before. Contact us for specific performance information but be prepared to be amazed at what we can do!

2. Diminishing cost of data storage. Most transaction processing and fraud detection systems in the market place today (if not all) were architected, if not designed, if not even implemented five to ten or even more years ago. Data storage at that time was an extremely costly component part of any system and as a result, many transaction details are stripped out and discarded at source; entirely lost from the system. In addition, that data which is stored, in fact almost all transaction history goes back a month, or three months before they are routinely archived to tape storage and shipped away from the system, effectively lost. In the 21st century, in a world where the likes of Google and Amazon write away the whole of the world’s knowledge every six months or so, data storage is now a utility item, with costs vastly diminished. Sentra has always captured the whole of the transaction, every field, every item, for every transaction. Our clients transaction storage using Sentra provides a 100% record of every aspect of every transaction going back as far as data collection allows. Ten years plus is now common, providing a veritable goldmine in terms of data analysis and enquiry for Marketing, Customer Analysis, Compliance, Sanctions checking, Fraud patterns and behaviour purposes.

Take a look at Sentra Fraud Detection, it opens up new possibilities in areas such as Merchant Refund Fraud; Gift Voucher purchase fraud; atm, pos and SWIFT transaction traffic and pattern analysis; in fact a whole plethora of new possibilities.